Music Is . . .


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Ich denke, Musik ist nicht nur eine Melodie. And I think that music is more than just rhythm. Music is a story that tell us something. If you like music in your life, you will know that the part of music is most beautiful. You will find the meaning of rhythm, melody, and  tone.

Für mich, music is something that make me quiet, sometimes make me fell the emotion. Rarely, I think that music can make me feel the atmosphere of life or I follow the flow of my life. Not only that, music can make me feel another feel like a feeling that I have never feel before.

Ich schreibe die Note in einer gut Morgen. With a religious music, I think this script will be alright. So I just let it flow as usually. But when the music is changed manually to love song, I lost my word. Who knows! Never mind. I just wanna make better about what I am writing now.

Der Vogel herum mein Haus will etwas heißen, aber Ich lass es gehen. Because I just wanna stay with my music.


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