About The Title and Tagline

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I don’t know about today theme in blogging 101. As you know that they have “Take Control of Your Title and Tagline” for today theme. I think this will be a little difficult, ah yeah? Ok guys, I don’t wanna do this theme because it’s hard for me. Why? Can I tell you something about it here? Of course!

Uum, I think this title and tagline have a deep meaning for me. Because I create it with all of my heart (don’t say that I excessive). From the first word, cheese. You know this is the name of a food. I take that name because I know, cheese have soft texture. Also with this blog, I hope this blog have a soft think for me. Ah, ya!

I’m not repeating the name of my site at my title or tagline because I know it will make you, readers, think that I don’t know how to do about this blog. Eheheh.. This is my original think. And the meaning of my tagline is you must be yourself. You can do all that you want if you try to do it. So, don’t be afraid.

Yeah, I think, this is enough for me to tell you a little thing about my blog.


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