Story Today

Today I have a great story to tell you about life! Yeah. I’m following a seminar with the theme is ‘Hidup Sehat Bersama Diabetes Mellitus’. PERSAGI (Persatuan Ahli Gizi Indonesia) Regional Wonosobo did it!

So guys, this is just not about nutrition, but also views from medical side. Yeah, both of them. I get here. The seminar is started at 09.00 am and opened by hospital director representation.

First, I hear about diabetes from medical side. Hey ya, the diabetes is just not about gen factor, but the life style. If we see, now people prefer to consume instant food and drink. That’s not good. And also, the robot makes people lazy to do sport.

The symptom of diabetes in general can we know as 3P (Polydipsi, Polyuri, and Polyfagi). But in the question-answer session, this can makes ambiguous. Some people ask about polydipsi. Whereas, there is a disease about ureter that make someone wants to urination. That’s concern to kidney.

Guys, diabetes is just not about sugar, sugar, and sugar. From nutrition sides, carbohydrate is noted. And to set the diet for diabetisi, we have to set the type, schedule, and amount of food (in Indonesia this is called 3J).


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