World Health Day 2015 : Food Safety

Food Safety is very important for our life. That is like a choose for us. Why am I saying that is a choose? Because now, we often see the people use chemical things to make a food become interest. Are you believe it? So guys, I hope you think clearly to understand it.

WHD 2015 - Food Safety

Today is World Health Day that the theme of it is ‘Food Safety’. Based on WHO, Food safety is an area of public health action to protect consumers from the risks of food poisoning and food borne diseases, acute or chronic. Food safety must be making us in good health.

I’m learning food safety too on my campus. I’m very happy if someone can keep their own food on safety. Yeah, we know that now much people awareness of food safety is less. It because their own business that make them aware less to keep their body.

Besides, the chemical compound that we can find everywhere is dangerous too. We don’t know what they use in food when we buy something to eat. But we just positive thinking that the food is safety. So, we will happy when we eat it.

When we buy food, we must check labels and follow hygiene tips. Remember that food will make a reaction for our body. So if the food is not safety, we will at risk. Not now, but the body need time to make process it.

Our food is an important thing to make our body become health. So, don’t make a play with our food. Save our food and safe our body!


4 thoughts on “World Health Day 2015 : Food Safety

  1. Sy juga belajar tentang inii. Tentang teknologi pangan dan nutrisinya. Bhs inggris semua 😀
    Banyakkan gak ngertinya hahaha

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